Its Rebirth is Sorely Needed

And it’s pervasive. I normally write about quantum computing, and there you have a field with one serious hype bubble. When I was in the US Army, I discovered the military’s equivalent of tabloid journalism. And American national politics must be the granddaddy of them all.

But, It’s Not Difficult

Over the past half-decade, I have been a de facto reporter. You see, where I live, the “news" is the rumor mill. It’s all wrong. But, there is always some small shred of truth that starts these rumors.

I, personally, want to know the truth. As a property owner, quite frankly, I need to know the truth. It might affect me directly, it might affect those who rent from me, and/or it might affect my neighbors.

My investigations have taken me to just about every city department, as well as several police departments and a fire department. Generally speaking, the Department Heads have the answers. I’ve also visited several non-government agencies because of “news" reports of their development interests in our area.

It’s Really, Really Not Difficult

The only exception to that last statement has been Covid-19 travel requirements; those continue to be in such flux that last week’s answers may no longer be applicable this week, and there are questions to which no one seems to have answers. Even then, I have been able to assemble a list of documents that ought to satisfy any request by travel-related officials.

Covid-19 notwithstanding, I have always been able to obtain the truth with a high degree of confidence. One development project was merely a campaign idea from a failed mayoral candidate. One ordinance violation did not actually violate any ordinance. One lockdown threat didn’t even have a single test result available, let alone any positive results. And, I could go on with examples for a while.

So, Why Am I Writing All This?

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