How Do You Pronounce “Qiskit?”

Brian N. Siegelwax
3 min readDec 1, 2021


This Is A True Story

The question was asked on Twitter on February 27, 2020, “what’s the official pronunciation of Qiskit?” If you follow the link to the thread on Twitter, you’ll find that there was, in fact, no official pronunciation at that time. Many IBMers, as well as others, responded with their personal preferences, but preferences was all they were. The participation of IBM’s VP of Quantum Computing, Dr. Jay Gambetta, confirmed that none of those contributions were official.

In the order they were originally recorded, there were at least six unofficial pronunciations:

  1. kwiss-kit
  2. kiss-kit
  3. kizz-kit
  4. quiz-kit
  5. cheese-kit
  6. cue-skit

Although some pronunciations were offered multiple times, here’s a semi-random sampling:







My personal preference, by the way, had been kiss-kit up until this tweet. But, had a vote been taken, I would’ve changed my preference to cheese-kit. I thought it was…