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  • Spencer Churchill

    Spencer Churchill

    I am a student and fan of all things tech :)

  • Christopher Bishop

    Christopher Bishop

    Use my Future Career Toolkit to succeed at jobs that don't exist yet!

  • Yuval Boger

    Yuval Boger

    Yuval Boger (M.Sc. Physics), a.k.a. Qubit Guy, is the CMO of Classiq, provider of a software platform that helps design previously-impossible quantum circuits

  • Jack Krupansky

    Jack Krupansky

    Freelance Consultant

  • Adam Prescott

    Adam Prescott

    software engineer & manager of people

  • Chiara Decaroli

    Chiara Decaroli

    Quantum physics researcher, Yoga teacher and occasional illustrator based in Zurich.

  • Quantum London

    Quantum London

    Spotting and sharing quantum computing’s business impact — now and in the future. Quantum Business book link: https://amzn.to/3xaoLgz

  • Paolo Cuomo (talks tech)

    Paolo Cuomo (talks tech)

    Buy my quantum ebook (https://amzn.to/3xaoLgz) or find out more about me here (www.linkedin.com/in/paolocuomo/). #innovation #insurtech #quantumcomputing

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