• Christian Gadea

    Christian Gadea

  • Wanchai Kodmechai

    Wanchai Kodmechai

    Senior Software Engineer (Team Lead) , AI Enthusias , Running , Read a Book

  • Chicago Quantum

    Chicago Quantum

    Jeffrey Cohen, President, US Advanced Computing Infrastructure, Inc., & founder of Chicago Quantum (SM). We R&D and solve problems like portfolio optimization.

  • nikki_slay


    I write content that SELLS

  • Chicago Education Advocacy Cooperative

    Chicago Education Advocacy Cooperative

    We provide comprehensive academic coaching, mentoring, and consulting support to underrepresented students, faculty, and institutions.

  • zaid kharraz

    zaid kharraz

  • Nyxfirenyx


  • Colin J.E. Lupton

    Colin J.E. Lupton

    Founder & CEO of Black Brane Systems, Over-accomplished Polymath, Belligerent Lisp Hacker, Quantum Metamachinist, and Mad-Scientist Supervillain

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