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Achieve Quantum Gate Mastery via Animations

Q-Ctrl’s Black Opal includes a single-qubit practice circuit. With it, you can choose from eight of the most basic quantum gates, drag-and-drop them to the wire, click “play,” and watch each transformation, one-by-one, slowly animate on the Bloch sphere.

Starting at |0>, what’s the difference between X and Y?


SWAPless SWAP Teleportation, Double

And Securely Teleport Classical Information

Textbook quantum teleportation has multiple flaws. The underlying premise is that we can use it for secure communication, but the restrictions that it imposes should leave you scratching your head, wondering who would communicate in such a manner.

  1. Sender Alice is not allowed to know what message she’s sending. For…

A Quantum-Inspired Algorithm

After “Quantum MNIST” with dense angle encoding and “784-Dimensional Quantum MNIST” with amplitude encoding, I experimented with “Quantum-Inspired MNIST” using a classical interpretation of the quantum algorithm that can be used for Quantum Machine Learning (QML) tasks such as quantum classification and quantum clustering. …

It doesn’t get easier than this….

What if you could do Machine Learning without building and training a model? What if you could forget about weights and activation functions and optimizers? What if you could exchange normalization and derivatives for addition and subtraction?

You can.

I’ll use classification as an example, using the MNIST dataset. This…

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